Global Reach, representing overseas universities in India, has a long-standing reputation of being one of the most comprehensive study-abroad consultants in India, starting the entire process with exhaustive career counselling. Our expert counsellors advise students on lucrative career options and match individual student profiles as per academic background, aptitude and aspirations to suitable careers. Our counsellors not only are knowledgeable about available options but also offer advice based on first-hand experience by visiting foreign academic institutions. Former student experiences are taken into account to make the process even more rigorous and productive.


Why Global Reach?

  • Global Reach has over the last 25 years successfully placed more than 6000 students in different reputed foreign institutions along with counselling at least 100000 students.
  • As per student feedback surveys and institutions’ comments, a student counselled by Global Reach is much more well-informed than their peers. The satisfaction rate of GR’s delivery mechanism is a close to whopping 100%.
  • During 2006-07, Global Reach achieved unique feat of full 100% visa success rate for Australia, 99% for New Zealand and 99% for the United Kingdom. This is probably the most successful visa rate track record for any educational consultancy in India.
  • Global Reach is steered by the far-ranging vision of its Managing Director, Ravi Lochan Singh, who has been an elected member of The Association of Australian Representatives in India AAERI (AAERI), right since its establishment in 1996. He has just been elected as president of this reputed outfit for the fourth time. Global Reach is a member of AAERI, which is an association of Australian educational representatives in India. AAERI was promoted in 1996 by AEI, Australian High Commission, New Delhi, to encourage self-regulation in the industry.
  • In 1998, Global Reach was nominated as an NZ Education Advisor and at present is amongst the few agencies that are affiliates of the Education New Zealand Recognised Agency.
  • The Managing Director of Global Reach achieved the distinctive honour of being India’s first accredited and qualified Australian Education Counsellor by clearing the EATC Certification in May, 2006. Consequently, the EATC Certification was obtained by many GR members and in 2008, Global Reach was awarded by AEI for having the highest number of certified counsellors in India.
  • It is also a matter of pride for Global Reach to have more certified counsellors for the UK than even the British Council.
  • The Singapore Tourism Board has certified several Global Reach counsellors as “Singapore Education Specialists” following prescribed in-country training.
  •  Several CCEA certified (Canada Course for Education Agents) counsellors for Canada are also part of the Global Reach family.

It can be thus concluded that Global Reach offers students more choices for worldwide academic institutions than any other agency in India, and also has the highest number of certified counsellors