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The Millennium, 235/2A, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Adjacent to HHI, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

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(+91-33) 4006 1112 / 3734, 4600 3144, 98364 83131, 76040 72744

Our Excellent Team*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Mr Krishnendu Banerjee

Group Educational Training Services Supervisor (British Council certified counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Sayanti Bhattacharya

Regional Counselling Manager (EATC Qualified Counsellor) (British Council certified counsellor) (CCEA certified counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Swarnali Bose

Group Counselling Supervisor (EATC Qualified Counsellor) (British Council certified counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Arunima Bhattacharya

Branch Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Sreeparna Dey

Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Sukhpreet Kaur

Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Sagupta Parvin

Sr. Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Mr Ratan Kr Mukherjee

General Manager (Operations & Projects) (EATC Qualified Counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Mr Iran Sinha

Sr. Zonal Market Development Manager (EATC Qualified Counsellor)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Mr Monojit Maji

Group Market Development Supervisor*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Mr Chironjoy Basu Mallick

Sr. Executive (Market Development)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Tania Dey Sarkar

(British Council certified counsellor), Zone Manager Student Services*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Mr Tapan Bag

Group Students Services Supervisor*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Ms Minakshi Basak

Regional Operations & Project Manager – US Operations*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Supriya Acharyya

Sr. Executive - Branch Market Development*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Indu Gopal Maity

Faculty (Quant)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Aniruddha Saha

Faculty (Verbal)*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Amod Jha

Executive - Graphics & Web Designer*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Nibedita Dhar

Executive - Front Office*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Amod Jha

Executive - Designing & Online support*xjGrvQSXvj72W4zD6IWzfg.jpeg

Sourav Mukherjee

Executive - Social Media Marketing

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